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Window Coverings

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FRSTeam of the Gulf Coast can handle virtually all window coverings, including drapes, swags, cornices and blinds. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, FRSTeam of the Gulf Coast cleaned 26 pallets of stage drapes from New Orleans.

In general, it is often more cost effective to clean and restore smoke or water damaged window coverings than to have them replaced. However, all window coverings are susceptible to damage sources other than fire or flood. Some examples are:

  • Sun Damage – all window coverings suffer the damaging effects of sunlight usually seen in the lightening of color, the loss of texture, or fabric degradation.
  • Soiling – Window coverings act as natural filters for airborne dust, debris, and soils.

Regular cleaning can extend the life of your window coverings; here are several factors to consider when cleaning them:

  • Shrinkage – occurs most often after the first cleaning but progressive shrinkage is normal. Drapes, sheers, and curtains may experience dimensional shrinkage of up to 2-8% over their life.
  • Shredding – sun damage and atmospheric gases may weaken the fabric causing it to tear or shred during cleaning.
  • Fading – Dyes and finishes may fade or dissolve in cleaning if they are not able to withstand the necessary cleaning procedures, or are affected by exposure to light and soil while hanging in the home.

Our trained technicians will carefully inspect the fire, water, or other type of damage, note any pre-existing conditions and potential risks, then allow you to make an informed decision regarding the restoration cleaning of the damaged drapes.