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Mold Damage

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Mold damage claims are one of the biggest restoration challenges in recent years. Clothing, draperies, bedding, and other household fabric items can become contaminated from mold spores that become airborne. FRSTeam of the Gulf Coast can help. Our specialized, thorough service effectively removes mold spores from clothing and other fabric related items.

  • Our crews are outfitted with the necessary personal protective equipment to respond to contaminated sites
  • Our removal of contents reduces the risk of cross contamination at the site
  • Our stabilization process reduces the risk of cross contamination at our facility
  • Our cleaning procedures have been proven effective at removing mold spores

Our knowledge and procedures, combined with the recommendations of industry hygienists and other mold restoration professionals ensure the best results in mold remediation.

FRSTeam of the Gulf Coast treats many odor problems on damaged articles of clothing. Our ionized-air deodorizing treatment eliminates many of the odors present following a fire such as smoke and dreaded mildew. Our specialized mix draws the deep clinging smells away from the fabric to refresh the items.