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Contents Cleaning and Packout Services

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The sentimental devastation accompanying damage to personal property is perhaps the most distressing part of a fire and smoke incident. Your possessions are valuable. You’ve worked hard to collect the items in your home, and when a disaster occurs to your property it is particularly difficult on the contents cleaning of your property. Some damaged items must be replaced, but you might be surprised how many of the damaged items can be repaired and restored before completely replacing them, even after fire damage or flood damage.

To prevent further damage to personal contents during structural repair, it is often necessary to remove contents from the home. Your possessions will be carefully packed-out, inventoried, and stored in our secure, temperature-controlled facility.

Our staff are skilled, and possess the capability to perform packout and cleaning and restoration services to your furnishings and everyday household items. We understand, however, that successful recovery of all your cherished possessions may require our partnership with other experts in the industry. For clothing restoration, electronic recovery, and the fine art conservation, we utilize our trusted network of specialty subcontractors. Be assured that while in our custody, your possessions will be handled with the utmost care and precision

Our Company uses a state of the art cleaning and documentation to clean home or office contents damaged by fire, smoke, water etc. Our techniques, will efficiently clean fine china and figurines, stuffed animals, silk flowers, toys, and is especially cost effective for computers and electronics.